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BrandNew Account Benefits & Upgrades

Published on 10-03-2018

We are glad to announce that we have added a new compensation plan for our upgraded members. This new complan would guarantee you that the money and effort you have invested in our platform will not be in vain.
As you have noticed, we have adjusted the duration of the membership from 30 days into 120-130 days without changing the membership prices. Along with this, we’ve added a “Guaranteed Daily Exclusive Ads” and the value per exclusive ads. This means that within 120-130 days, you would have guaranteed earnings in your account that is equivalent to the 120% of what you have monetarily invested with us, but this is with the assumption that you have no earnings gained from referral commission, referral clicks commission, etc and you have consistently achieved the maximum ad clicks per day.

On another note, we would like to elucidate to everyone that we are not a high-yield investment company. Our team has a several years of viable experience in FOREX Trading and this is one of our sources of fund that we used in our day-to-day operational expenses. Portion of the pay-ins we are receiving is being used to confidently gain profits in trading alone. This year we will release to public our Forex Trading Signal and EA (Robot Automation Trading) all allow to follow our trading and subscribe to our signal.

Also, we are running our own Crypto Mining Rig. Our team is aware that with an exceptional wave of modern IT achievements, blockchain technology is evolving and is already being implemented at many businesses worldwide. It’s not a secret that both parties, from the members seeking for privacy and reliability, to the company aimed at maximum member's protection, its niche market stability - everybody needs powerful, time-proven instrument. Here at Clixible Platform, we use cryptocurrency as true everest of people’s financial prosperity of today and future tomorrow.

Update and Fixed Bug:
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New Banners Ads 
Forum Avatar link Fixed 

New Landing Page (available this week)
Coinpayments Mode of Payment on Monday

Happy Earnings!
Chris Allan

Pre-Launch Referral Contest

Published on 24-02-2018

Clixible Referral Contest

Welcome to Clixible!

Published on 24-02-2018

To all Members and Visitors,

Welcome to Clixible!!!

We would like to say hello to everyone, we are glad that you are here with us.

Our team has been hardly working for Clixible’s official launch. Our company offers the opportunity to earn money online from home for every person with internet access.

With experience and learning from our several years in Network Marketing and Online Advertising,
we have been able to design a financially well-balanced site between members' profit and site's income. It means that Clixible is stable and sustainable site and would stay long with our members.

We are looking for people who would wish to view the advertising offer of our partners and visit their websites. It's quite enjoyable and it doesn't require much effort. The great advantage is the ability to work from anywhere such as home and adapting working hours to suit your requirements. We provide permanent income and certain salary, depending of your involvement.

Mobile friendly design
Various memberships with reasonable price
Multi-Level commissions (Upgrades & Ad Purchase)
Low cost advertisements
and more…

We going to update and enhance our website weekly :)

Register Now & Earn Good money from Clixible. It's worth to try!
We wish Good luck to all our Members & Advertisers.

Don’t forget to read our F.A.Q and T.O.S ????